House Rules and FAQs

UPDATED 05.022.14

Rulings, Houserules, Clarifications, etc.

  • The attack of opportunity incurred from a disarming attack does not prevent the disarm attempt.
  • The effective level of an animal companion cannot exceed his handler’s character level.
  • There is a conversion for the Warlock class from 3.5
  • A Warlock’s eldritch blast is not treated as having a caster level for effects that dampen magic such as the rite of unwinding, however it wouldn’t function in an actual dead magic zone.
  • Character’s may re-roll 1s when using healing spells from wands.
  • Wild Empathy Can be used on trained domestic animals.
  • Cloud Kills effects do not stack (if you have 2 Cloud Kills in the same area, they don’t do double dmg).
  • Spellcraft—add +5 to DC to identify a spell by audio component alone (PF says you must be able to see, but Trae has overruled that)
  • Grappling hooks work by making a simple ranged attack at AC 5 for areas with common grapple-able surfaces, treat as thrown weapon with range increment 10 ft. Any areas more complicated with raise the Armor class.
  • If an attack does no damage due to DR or the like, and there is an effect which is predicated on a successful attack, then the attack is treated is unsuccessful. (ex. A wolf bites, and due to DR deals zero damage, the wolf would not get to use its Trip (Ex) ability that triggers on a successful attack.
  • When having to roll Escape Artist to squeeze through a narrow area, and this movement is treated as half speed, you can move full speed if you announce it before hand and make DC+10 on your escape artist check.
  • “Napstack” is now known as “Hero’s Rest.” When called “Hero’s Rest,” it is allowable in the game, as long as people DO NOT CALL IT NAPSTACK again (except in reference to this rule) (Trae may call it Napstack without penalty, should he wish).
  • Second Chance: this feat is modified from the original reading. You do not give up the attacks of opportunity for a round to use this ability. You also may not use a chip a second time to re-roll the second roll granted by ISC (you may use the chip for one reroll per round, not two).
  • If you take something from a Pathfinder material that is not owned by someone in the group (after DM approval), you have a session to get a copy of the material.
  • Retraining a feat (for 9th level) can either be extended time in a non-combat situation (such as town) OR “give up” the benefits of your red chip (the Fate Points you would normally get from it) for one session.
  • For grappling, we are using the Editor’s note in the section that reads: “Casting a spell while you have the grappled or pinned condition is difficult and requires a concentration check (DC 10 + the grappler’s CMB + the level of the spell you’re casting). Pinned creatures can only cast spells that do not have somatic components.”
  • Before the game, a player can “loan” a chip to a player with none for Fate Points—i.e., use a red chip to get 2 Fate Points, or a Blue to use 1 Fate Point.
  • The “use rope” skill application of creating rope traps is disable device in this campaign.
  • For quick reference: Identifying an aura of a magical item: aura is 15 + SL (Knowledge Arcana); properties is 15 + item’s CL (Spellcraft)
  • If an incorporeal creature is in the walls more than halfway, they gain cover.
  • Rules for improved cover are on the PF SRD site under cover, it would be a case by case basis.
  • For brace, we use the rules as written – you have to ready an action to brace against a charging creature with a weapon with the brace feature. It is treated as a ready that only triggers from a charge. Only the ready triggered charge is dealt double damage, and the PC can still use AoOs normally. I would add that I’m increasing the scope of triggers to: charging attack, overrun attempt, and bull rush attempt.


• Animal companion hit points are calculated as average. This is 4.5 times hit dice, rounded down, and recalculated for every hit die
• The effective level of an animal companion cannot exceed his handler’s character level
• For the purposes of attack bonuses, all animal companion attacks are considered primary attacks unless specifically noted as a secondary attack. Secondary attacks incur a -5 penalty to attack bonus.
• For the purposes of attack damage, if an animal has only one primary attack, the damage bonus for that attack is equal to 1.5 times the animal’s strength bonus. Animals with multiple primary attacks receive a bonus to damage equal to their strength bonus per attack. Secondary attacks have a bonus to damage equal to half of the creatures strength bonus. Note: Most animals with a secondary attack that incurs a penalty are herbivorous animals such as horses.


• Blind-fight?
• Can a player use a spell-like ability while raging? (Jason)
• Do permanent effects imposed on an Eidolon persist when it is resummoned?
• Should the spell Identify, work as it does in 3.5 or add a flat bonus to spellcraft checks made to determine the nature and properties of an item?
• Can creatures with multiple limbs grab multiple enemies without penalty?
• Does the penalty from power attack or combat expertise apply to CMB?
• Are wands and scrolls also restricted by class? (ie: Is a wand of burning hands specific to either wizards or sorcerers?)

House Rules and FAQs

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