Tag: Temple


  • Wheloon-Mystra

    Constructed with astonishing swiftness and dedicated to a deity most people have little cause to worship, the temple of [[Mystra]] draws many curious people. Most take a look around and return home, their curiosity satisfied.

  • God's Grove

    The People of [[Wheloon]] use this beautiful spot for weddings and picnics, and some use it to worship [[Silvanus]]. [[:orlenstar-thirthorn | Orlenstar Thirthorn]] can be found here during most daylight hours, but he retires at night.

  • Harvest Hall

    This modest church has served [[Wheloon|Wheloon's]] citizens for generations. As much a meeting place as the [[Wheloon Moothouse|Moothouse]], Harvest Hall welcomes all warmly and freely, and gives the land's bounty to [[Wheloon|Wheloon's]] needy during …