The Necreme and its Command Amulet

Keelboat with Skeletal Orc Rowers


Price: 9,000 gp
Body Slot: – and throat (command amulet )
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura Faint, (DC 16) necromancy
Activation: Move action
Weight 6,000 pounds (Necreme ); – (command amulet )

The Necreme is a black-painted keelboat with its name written in bleached bones set into the sides of the boat. It has a small cabin forward, a set of oar benches low in the hull midships, and a raised coxswain’s platform and tiller at the stern. Orc skeletons man the oars.

The Necreme is a simple keelboat whose oarsmen are animated skeletons. The boat itself is not particularly magical; the magic lies in the amulet of command that enables the bearer to control the skeletons chained to its oars.

A character wearing the boat’s command amulet can issue rowing instructions to the skeletal rowers. Directing the rowers requires a move action each round. A character can man the tiller at the same time he directs the rowers (doing both still requires a move action each round).

The Necreme travels at a rate of 2 miles per hour when rowed by four Medium skeletons. The skeletons are controlled by the command amulet, and they obey anyone wearing it. To assign a skeleton to the boat, a person with control over the skeleton (for example, a cleric who has succeeded on a command undead attempt) simply orders the skeleton to obey the wearer of the amulet. The skeleton no longer counts against the original controller’s limit of Hit Dice of undead her or she can keep under control.

Unless otherwise commanded, the rowers continue to do the last thing they were told, so a character could instruct them to keep rowing and then do other things. However, the boat cannot steer itself or avoid hazards, so this course of action is somewhat dangerous. The skeletons cannot be commanded to do anything other than row or cease rowing.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, command undead or ability to rebuke or command undead, keelboat (or other suitable vessel).

Cost to Create: 4,500 gp, 3 days


The Necreme and its Command Amulet

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