Ethar's Unfinished Letter

Unfinished letter found on Skull Servant Ethar


Most honored Watchful Skull, Blackwill Akhmelere,

Greetings from your bloody hand, Skull Servant Ethar. As expected, the Sharrans hide their secrets well, but I did discover something that might lead us to understanding their ultimate plan. We aid them in their ritual to create a field of dead magic over the Vast Swamp. Obviously, this is to their advantage as only Shadow magic works within these spaces, but claiming the swamp as a base of operations seems foolish. This incongruity bothered me, and I prayed to the Black Sun to grant me knowledge of their plans. I received no vision, but while living here in one of their old monasteries I discovered the piece of parchment I’ve attached with this letter, praise be to Cyric. I believe it to be the writings of a monk that once lived in the Monastery of the Ebon Dome.

It seems the Sharrans have a secret Roll of Years. Of its origin or accuracy, I can say nothing, but some names seem uncannily close to the history we have witnessed – perhaps even more so than those penned by the Lost Sage, Augathra the Mad. You can see that the Black Chronology seems to span a mere 34 years, but perhaps there is more not revealed by this scrap of parchment. Reading the “Book of the Black” might explain more and tell us what the Sharrans truly plan.

I could not find more writings like this one despite a week of searching. I made subtle inquiries with the Sharrans and Despayr. Despayr seemed to know nothing, but with his kind, it is always hard to tell. The other Sharrans said they did not know what I meant, but talked about how the monks at this monastery went mad – but I sensed some wariness in their postures.

I think we need to find this Book of the Black and


Ethar's Unfinished Letter

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