Tunaster Dranik

Wandering Cleric of Mystra


This wandering cleric of Mystra.

He made an agreement with the PCs to pay a sum 2,000 gp to penetrate the temple; find out if a profanity to Mystra is being committed, and the purpose behind it; and eliminate the blasphemers.

He paid the PCs 500 gp up front, with the rest coming upon completion of the quest. For his part, he’s going to travel to Saerloon to meet with his superiors at the Tower of Mystery. He hopes to find faithful there who can tell him what might be going on or who will return with him. Tunaster is fairly certain that someone there or nearby will be able to teleport him back, but if he can’t, it will take him nearly a tenday to return.

Tunaster Dranik

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