Praetoriel Emeries - Gnomish Druid who desperately tries to forget the past.


For stats knowledge, ask Prae. Otherwise, he seems to be dressed in trees and fur and smells of lavender. Short, thin, rosy cheeked Prae has green eyes and short dark brown hair and is clean shaven except for a long, curly, luxuriously groomed soul patch. He carries a wimpy looking sickle and a gallon of ale and a bag that, more often than not, holds the heads of various things and people. While generally unimportant, he does bring youthful vigor when not sullen or drunk. You do get a sense of justice for all life from Prae…but you kinda worry about him, too, though admittedly, you really enjoy it when he makes plants jiggle.
Dolomite, however, actually looks like the formidable party member. Wild yet wise, ever loyal yet ‘bad’, and dressed in well designed leather armor, he looks like he’s killed his fair share of what-ever-he-f***ing-wants. If Dolomite’s in your battle, you have a real ally.


Young Prae, a savvy nature lover and mender, grew up in training to become a druid protector of the village’s sacred grove. After grudgingly taking charge of the forest, for he had grown attached to the village’s near nightly parties, he slowly learned to appraciate the wonders of the grove, and the quiet, ever vigilant duties to protect and nurture all life. Sadly, all things come to an end, whether sooner or later than one would like. For reasons unknown to Prae, and by means unfathomable, the forest grove, Lavenerald, was overtaken by a wall of flame. Prae, helpless against an event of this magnitude, entered the forest as it was ablaze to try to rescue anything and everyone he could, but to no avail. He passed out in the struggle against the smoke, and awoke later well outside the fire. Dolomite the Badger, his animal friend and confidant, descendant of his first animal companion Vandross, had dragged Prae to safety. Trying to re-enter the smouldering grove, Prae was blocked by Dolomite. Together, they headed back to the gnome’s village. Though Prae’s family and friends took him in and healed him, they were never the same towards Prae. He was cast out a few days later, having failed to guard one of the villages most important places. Prae wandered, then on, from town to town, finding bars and inns that would allow a sad gnome to drink his troubles away. While always maintaining druidic duties on a small scale, he called pubs home, until a day came when a large drunken adventurer toppled into a lavender patch set aside for the sad gnome who came in to drink so often. The equally drunk Prae, advanced on the gigantic man, and picked a fight very comical in scope. Fortunately, three adventurers had found a not-so-concerned badger outside the same bar the gnome was recieving a copious amount bruises in. K’larr, Sage and Sued, entered, and rescued Prae. A new path of healing opened up to Prae and Dolomite, as they joined the three adventurers for epic quests and long eventful journeys. Oh by the way,
2:10 min. mark.


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